Yogyakarta :)

sedikit nih yang bisa aku share tentang jogjakarta dalam text bahasa inggris :D

Jogjakarta is a place that has a lot of history, many cultures have a physical or non-physical, has a lot of traditional food and drink, has many points of interest, and have a friendly citizen.
  example in terms of history is when the city of Yogyakarta became the State Capital Indonesia, when the war history "Serangan Umum 1 Maret or General Offensive March 1".
example in terms of physical culture is the heritage area and the objects of cultural heritage (temples, museums), while the non-physical is the norm, works of art (dance), and social behavior. examples of traditional food and drink is gudheg, tiwul, Gathot, gebleg.
examples of interesting places such as the beach Parangtritis, Indrayanti beach, baron beach, sunda beach, Kaliurang, pindul cave, the slopes of Merapi, Kaliadem, malioboro, Gabusan art market, Ngayogyakarta palace, the castle of Tamansari .
Yogyakarta city than as a student of history as well as the city, where many students from outside the area and even from other countries come to study in Yogyakarta. in Yogyakarta has many universities, private colleges, high schools, and colleges, such as University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta Negri University, University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, high school Adisutjipto technology, and many more.
in Yogyakarta has many five-star hotels, such as Hotel Sahid Rich, Santika, Hotel Sheraton, The Phoenix hotel, hyatt hotel, Grand Hotel Aston.
has many museums including Adisutjipto Aerospace museum, Museum Sono Budoyo, Vredeburg Museum, Museum Dharma Wiratama.
has plenty of places to eat or restaurants, such as Kesuma resto, Gudheg Yu Djum, Jejamuran, Mang Engking and much more.

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